Argo Lilium Evo 13 - humidifier air dehumidifier

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ARGO LILIUM EVO dehumidifies and surprises you with his many automatic performances. The lines are innovative and its design refined. The aesthetic is a mirror to its functionalities the upper panel it floats to leave room for the colored LED that detects the humidity level. It is easy to carry, clean and clean empty the tank. Low consumptions.


  • Elegant, minimal and compact design
  • Digital operation, led display and high precision
  • Hygrostate
  • Dehumidification up to 11 or 13l / day
  • (32 ° C - 80% R.H.); ideal for spaces up to 20 m2
  • Adjustable humidity level in dehumidification mode (30-80%)
  • 4 Business Modes: Dehumidify, Automatic,
  • Continuous and fast dry clothing
  • Company timer 1-24 hours
  • Air filter on the air intake, removable for cleaning
  • Tank full of alarm
  • Fast connection for continuous condensate
  • Discharge
  • Condensate water reservoir easy to remove
  • Practical multidirectional wheels and built-in
  • Handles
  • Effect to low temperature: from 5 ° to 35 ° C
  • Automatic defrost system with warning light
  • Natural refrigerant, that does not contribute to global warming
  • Dimensions 525/284/320 mm
  • Weight 11.5 Kg


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