Airpura C600 Chemical air purifier

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Airpura has combined three elements to make one of the most powerful and effective air filtration systems in the air purification industry. From Airpura TitanClean D reflector, UV light and the powerful HEPA filter all work together to capture and destroy airborne particles and chemicals. 98% of the antigens and pathogens are destroyed in this innovative process.

How does it work? The revolutionary technology of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO technology) was originally developed by NASA and includes the irradiation of a metal surface coated with a metal oxide containing an UV light to produce hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions. This allows chemicals in the air that come into contact with them to be broken down into smaller compounds until only carbon dioxide and water vapour remain. In this way, a wide range of chemicals can be broken down in the air without producing harmful by-products.

AIRPURA C600 An extensive air cleaner that removes thousands of harmful chemicals and gases into the air and leaves only clean indoor air.

Smells like excretion
Benzenes (Benzenes)
Customs duties
Body odors

Ideal for:
Maintaining air quality in hospitals, particularly in hospitals
Housing/ workplaces in the vicinity of industries releasing chemicals from their production processes
Families who want clean and healthy air at home.
Places with poor outdoor air quality.

GEUREN, AIRBORNE CHEMICAL CONTROL: 18 lbs of activated carbon 13 "H x 13,25" OD x 9 "ID
COOL SUBSTANCE BED: 2 "deep x 570 sq''surface
DEVELOPMENT PARTYLE 40 sqm true HEPA (only one side measured) 10 fold per inch Plooien hot rolled with separation marks
AIR TROOM 560 CFM More cfm than any other household unit available for FILTER 570 sq in x 1 in
HOUSING Powder coating steel
MAAT 23''x 15''
SPANNINGSOPTIES 115 or 220 volt
WATTS 120 high / 40 low
GELUIDSNIVEAU 28.1 db on low (on 6 foot) 62.3 db on high (560 cfm) (ZaalniLevel 25.1)
ETL CERTIFIED according to CSA C22.2 no 113 ANSI/ UL 507

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