SOEHNLE AirFresh Hygro 500 - 50M2 humidifier

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Especially in winter our well-being can suffer greatly due to the much too dry air from the heating in the house. To protect your airways in a healthy and natural way, you need an air humidifier that moistens the air particularly efficiently and hygienically.

That is exactly what the Evaporation Technology of the Soehnle Airfresh Hygro 500 does. The humidifier sucks in the dry air, filters out large particles such as hair and dust, and adds new, fresh water molecules. Without heating the water and without visible water vapor. The humidified air is evenly distributed throughout the room. The Airfresh Hygro 500 emits far fewer bacteria than an ultrasonic air cleaner - up to 99% fewer bacteria.

With an integrated humidity sensor, the Airfresh Hygro 500 always monitors current humidity and reads it legibly on the illuminated LCD display. In automatic mode, the humidifier adjusts the blowing speed as the humidity rises or falls, thus ensuring a constant healthy humidity. With the infinitely variable setting you can optimally adjust the humidity - up to 75% - to your wishes. Moreover, the blow rate - and thus the desired intensity of the moisture delivery - can be adjusted with the three positions. Ideal if it needs to go fast. When the desired humidity level is reached or the tank is empty, the humidifier switches off automatically. With the timer you can set the duration of the air humidification, up to a maximum of 12 hours. The Airfresh Hygro 500 can, thanks to the large 4.9 liter removable water tank, optimally humidify rooms up to 50 m². Of course you want to be able to rely on constantly clean air. The filter indication therefore indicates when the filter needs to be replaced.


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