Soehnle blood pressure monitor systo monitor 200
Soehnle blood pressure monitor systo monitor 200
Soehnle blood pressure monitor systo monitor 200

Soehnle blood pressure monitor systo monitor 200

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Always correctly measure and analyze your blood pressure – upper arm blood pressure monitor Systo Monitor 200 from Soehnle helps you correctly assess your readings. With each measurement, your results are classified according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) system on a traffic light colour scale: optimal, normal or excessive blood pressure. This allows simple and unambiguous assessment of your blood pressure.

The heart rhythm control records any irregular heartbeat during measurement and indicates any heart rhythm failures.

The device can store measurements of two users, 60 measurements per user. So you can save your readings, with date and time, about two months.

Furthermore, the device always calculates the average of the last three measurements to deduce unambiguous trends about your blood pressure levels. All values, including heart rate, are shown on the well-readable LCD display. The comfortable adjustable cuff is suitable for upper arms of 22 to 42 cm. The fitting help provides assistance when building the cuff and prevents misuse. With energy-saving automatic switch-off function. Includes batteries, so ready to start.

  • Fully automatic blood pressure and heart rate measurement at the upper arm
  • Classification of the measurements according to WHO traffic light colour scale (World Health Organisation)
  • Rhythm control warns of possible heart failure
  • Calculation of the average of the three last measurements to assess arterial pressure
  • Storage capacity for 2 users, 60 measurements per user, also allows monitoring of blood pressure over the longer term. Guest mode for other users
  • Comfortable, adjustable cuff for upper arms with a size of 22 to 42 cm – with fit control
  • LCD display for good readability of the readings (above pressure, pressure and heart rate)
  • Energy-saving automatic switch-off function
  • Includes batteries. So you can start measuring right away!