Boneco ionisator P50

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The BONECO P50 is a 2-in1 waterless odor spreader and ionisator for travel or personal use. It's compact and powered by USB C, so you can easily take it and use it wherever you are. It contains a large aroma pad to spread the smell of your essential oil or perfume. The ionisator generates negative ions that help reduce the particles in the air and can be switched on or off to meet your needs. The P50 is the perfect product to create a pleasant environment around you.

  • Personal 2-in-1 waterless odor spreader and air ioniser
  • Aroma pad ensures a prolonged odor release with any type of ethereal oil
  • Built-in ioniser spreads negative ions that promote your well-being and help keep the air clean and fresh
  • Single-button controls for easy and intuitive operation
  • Stable silicone base for use in an upright or flattened position
  • Includes specially developed blend of BONECO essential oil that contains 100% pure natural ingredients


  • Power supply5 V / 1 A
  • Power consumption1 W
  • DIMENSIONS (LXBXH)63 x 63 x 178 mm
  • Weight0.3 kg
  • SystemAroma Diffuser and Ionisator


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