Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Luchtwasser W200 - o2health
Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Luchtwasser W200 - o2health
Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Luchtwasser W200 - o2health

Boneco Humidifer Air Washer W200

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Easyness of operation and maintenance determine the W200 air washer. Two performance levels can be selected with the pivot switch. For cleaning, the water base and evaporation elements can easily be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine. It is also possible to add scented oils, for those looking for a scented room. An LED display lights up when the water base is empty. The air washer then automatically switches off and can be filled with fresh water. In addition, the understated and modern design of the W200 fits into every living room or office and customers appreciate exceptional performance.

  • Moistens the air with high efficiency thanks to the innovative evaporator mat
  • Cleans the air of large particles such as pollen and household dust
  • Incredibly easy to clean - washing machine and dishwasher-resistant components
  • Convenient operation thanks to the direct filling of the water base
  • Excellent design for home

The air washing machines moisten and wash the air. Specially textured evaporator mats turn into the water, which adds moisture to the air. The water acts as a natural filter that the air of impurities (e.g. Dust, pollen and particle-bound odors) washes. The self-regulating evaporation principle ensures the right humidity in the room, because the air automatically attracts as much moisture as it needs at that time. Air washers can be used all year round and are particularly suitable for people with allergies, due to their natural cleaning principle, without the need for additives.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Two performance levels for day and night
  • Automatic shutdown when water base is empty (red LED)
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils
  • Water base can be filled immediately
  • Easy operation and cleaning
  • Parts are washing machine and dishwasher resistant
  • High-quality components with a long life

Technical data:

  • NET TENSION: 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 12.2W / 22.8W (at 230 V / 50 Hz)
  • HUMIDITY UP to: 350 g / h (at 230 V/50 Hz)
  • RECOMMENDED ROOM SIZE UP to: 50 m2 / 125 m3
  • WATER CAPACITY MAX.: 4.5 litres
  • DIMENSIONS (LXBXH): 280 x 280 x 412 mm
  • WEIGHT (EMPTY): 4.9 kg
  • OPERATING NOISE LEVEL: 27 - 43 dB (A) (at 230 V / 50 Hz)
  • SYSTEM: Air Washer