Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Stoom S250 - o2health
Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Stoom S250 - o2health
Boneco Luchtbevochtiger Stoom S250 - o2health

Boneco Humidifier S250 S250

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The S250 steam humidifier offers hygienic humidification that is ideal for families with children. Thanks to the hand-warm steam, the device ensures a safe and pleasant atmosphere in households with children and pets. The S250 works with excellent efficiency. The device automatically adapts to the desired relative humidity level and immediately reduces output once that value is reached. Simple operation, precise ruleability and simple cleaning in CLEANING mode embody the Swiss top. Last but not least, the S250 has a fragrance container for use with essential oils.

  • Bacteria-free steam ensures the most hygienic humidification
  • Digital LED display with touch-sensitive control panel and humidity indicator
  • Unique cooling fan creates a hand-warm fog, making it safer for children and pets
  • CLEANING MODE makes cleaning easy and easy
  • Suitable for the use of essential oils

The Steam humidification system heats the water to boiling point and the steam generated helps to moisten the indoor air quickly. By boiling the water, this system helps to eliminate bacteria in the steam and is guaranteed mineral-free humidification. In addition, energy is released by the warm steam that slightly increases the room temperature, resulting in a more comfortable environment. A healthy humidification of the indoor air is guaranteed - anytime, anywhere.

  • Digital display and controller for relative humidity
  • Programmable hygro state
  • Hand-warm steam (child friendly)
  • High-quality performance with smart features
  • Multi-function display with convenient cleaning mode
  • Maintenance and maintenance reminder indicators
  • Removable water tank with handle
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils
  • No filter pads or additives required
  • High-quality components with a long life

Technical data:

  • NET TENSION: 220 V / 50Hz
  • HUMIDITY UP to: 300 g / you
  • FOR SPACES UP to: 40 m2 / 100 m3
  • WATER CAPACITY MAX.: 3.0 litres
  • DIMENSIONS (L X B X H): 316 x 172 x 281 mm
  • WEIGHT (EMPTY): 2.5 kg
  • SYSTEM: Steamer