Boneco Humidifier Ultrasonic U700

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The U700 is a humidifier with high standards of cleanliness. Thanks to the innovative CLEANING MODE to clean the U700 itself quickly and effectively. This peak offers a unique in design and performance. The U700 can be a cool or a warm mist will give you, depending on your preference. In the timer mode, AUTO MODE, and the geurcontainer to fit the needs of a modern lifestyle.

  • The unique self-cleaning mode
  • Large water tank / high vochtigheidsoutput of 80 m2,
  • Smart, and automatic shut-off when water tank is removed
  • an Optional cool or warm mist,
  • Relaxed, stylish LED night-light
  • Easy-to-handle, water tank,

Due to the effective high-frequency technology, the water is transformed into a micro-fine mist, and using a cooling fan provided to the air.The integrated demineralisatiecartridge provides water mist without lime scale.The included Ionic Silver Stick® utilizes the anti-bacterial effects of silver, in silver, and ensures optimal water quality.The low-noise devices with a high degree of wetting, which can be individually controlled by a uitgangsregeling.As the temperature of the room may be reduced as the mist evaporates, most of the BONECO ultrasonic humidifiers can be set up with a single press of the button, and a cool or warm humidifier to run.

  • The unique self-cleaning mode,
  • Optional cool or warm mist
  • , Digital display, with all the features at a glance
  • Digital display with dimmer function
  • Multifunction display with practical reminders (refill water, replace Ionic Silver Stick®, cleaning required),
  • Programmable humidistat
  • , the 3 Levels
  • of Timer function,
  • AUTO MODE for fully automatic operation
  • with Smart auto-shut-off when water tank is removed,
  • and The spray can in the two-way split, with the aid of the double o-ring
  • Relaxed, stylish LED night light (can be disabled)
  • Geurcontainer for use with essential oils,
  • Removable water tank with handle for easy refilling
  • and Long term thanks to the large water tank
  • high-Quality components with long service life

Technical data:

  • VOLTAGE: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
  • power CONSUMPTION: 45 W / 180 W (in operation with pre-heat)
  • HUMIDITY levels up TO: 600 g / hr
  • , RECOMMENDED room SIZE up TO: 80 m2
  • DIMENSIONS (l x w X h): 325 x 190 x 360 mm)
  • water capacity MAX.: To 9.0 liters
  • ) WEIGHT (EMPTY): 4.6 kg
  • to the SYSTEM: Device

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