Doll Air Shower Fan F220

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With the BONECO F220 the height can be adapted to your individual needs. The head of the fan can be turned 270 degrees so that it can be pointed almost everywhere. The superior air circulation is achieved by three main points: the single-arm design allows maximum air inlet, the leaves with deep shovels draw large amounts of air through the fan and the uniquely curved shape of the grid increases the fan speed. All this creates a really versatile fan. Aim it at the ceiling for the characteristic feeling of the air shower and to reduce hot and cold zones, direct air between several floors, draw fresh air in or use it with your air conditioner or oven to reach a uniform temperature in your room. The height can be adjusted by adding or removing the support poles. At a height of 49 cm or 85 cm high, the F220 is perfect for single rooms, large open spaces or to pull the breeze through an open window. A single safety screw is used to attach the fan blade, this makes the fan safe in use and maintenance is very simple and easy.

  • Stylish, unique and innovative single arm Swiss design and engineering
  • Superior air circulation for a characteristic natural air shower sensation
  • Manually rotary air flow
  • Special supporting polar structure allows variable heights that best suit your needs
  • Intuitive spin button regulates 4 speed levels
  • The elegant and strong footprint design allows stable and safe operation

The BONECO line of Air Shower Fans is specially designed to move a larger volume of air and at high speeds to create a powerful air flow and achieve excellent air circulation.This keeps the air in the room constantly moving to create a shower of air around you, to spread hot or cold spots and to keep the whole room more comfortable.

Technical data:

  • NETSPANNING: 220 -240V ~ 50Hz
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: 33 W (maximum level)
  • AIR TROOM: 1260 ml / h
  • AIR HEALTH: 3,9 m / sec
  • AFMETING (LXBXH): 375 x 375 x 850 mm
  • GROWTH: 6,7 kg
  • MES: 225 mm
  • BUSINESS GELUID: 48 -58 dB (A)
  • SYSTEM: Shit


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