Cado LEAF 200 - 36m2 Professional Air Purifier (Black)

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The Cado LEAF 200 is a professional and powerful air purifier with a great look. 

Cado rightly calls this air purifier one of the best in the world. More than 99% degradation and removal of odors and viruses.Reduces formaldehyde, fragrantMethanethioland ammonia up to almost zero in one hour. Viruses, fungi and bacteria remove more than 99.9% in just 20 minutes.

The Cado Leaf 200 is called a powerful filter with a self-cleaned function. The LED lighting destroys particles and bacteria, which will allow the filter to last longer.


Technical specifications:
  • Space: 36m2
  • Maximum air flow 259 m3/h
  • Weight: 6.3 KG
  • power consumption: Min: 6 W (low) / Max: 33 W (Fast)
  • Sound: Min: 29 dBA (Low) / Max: 59 dBA (Fast)
  • Ameasurements: 242 x H 652 mm
  • Filter: FL-C200, FL-C210 and FL-C320

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