Argo Joy - It illuminates, perfumes and moistens for the perfect atmosphere

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With the Argo Joy you create the perfect atmosphere in the house. Due to ultrasonic moisture and the small internal ventilatoe, the Joy ensures that the correct aroma is spread in the room. The RGB LED lighting generates different colors and due to set your way to your favorite color or a variation of it. 



  • It illuminates, perfumes and moistens
  • Special design made from high gloss plastics and a very elegant silver base
  • It spreads the desired essence thanks to ultrasonic mistification and a small fan of it
  • improves performance
  • Contains an RGB lamp with continuous or adjustable color change on a favorite color or
  • excludes from disturbing at night
  • Easy to use, with illuminated control panel and lower consumption

Technical specifications:

  • Recorded power: 15w
  • Power supply: 100-240 / 50-60 V/Ph/Hz
  • Steam volume issued: 30 ml / h
  • Tank content: 300ml
  • Diffuser of essential oils: Yes
  • Atomizer with RGB LED lamp: Yes
  • Continuous chromatic variation: Yes
  • Steam emissions to the environment: Yes
  • LED light can be deactivated: yes
  • Option to stop on color of your choice: yes
  • Height of the unit 191 mm
  • Diameter of the unit 150 mm
  • Net weight of the unit: 0.5 kg

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