SOEHNLE Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 - 30m2
SOEHNLE Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 - 30m2
SOEHNLE Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 - 30m2
SOEHNLE Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 - 30m2

SOEHNLE Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 - 30m2

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Dust, pollen, bacteria, gasses - we cannot see or often smell what we breathe. However, clean air is very important for our health - especially for everyone who suffers from allergies. Soehnle has the solution: the Soehnle Airfresh Clean 300 effectively removes 99.2% of all allergens and harmful substances up to 3.0 µm from the air. Air cleaner Airfresh Clean 300 is ECARF certified (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation). The triple filter system with pre-filter, EPA filter and activated carbon filter effectively removes many particles such as house dust, pollen, bacteria, house dust mites, fine dust, viruses and even unpleasant odors and gases. The extra switchable UV light also destroys bacteria in the filtered air. This creates air in which you can breathe freely - without watery eyes, without coughing, without breathing problems.

After cleaning, the clean air is evenly blown back into the room - and the blowing is pleasantly soft, so that it does not disturb the bedroom either. The Airfresh Clean 300 draws in up to 170 cubic meters of air per hour. The air cleaner purifies the air in a living room or bedroom of 20 m2 more than three times per hour. Three settings and a timer with 2, 4 and 8-hour preselection give you the option to set the duration and intensity of the air cleaning according to your personal wishes. In night mode the air cleaner works continuously without lighting, so you can sleep undisturbed. The filter change indicator indicates when the filter needs to be replaced, so that you always know that the system is in order to optimally clean the air.

  • The three-step filter system (pre-filter / EPA filter / activated carbon filter) removes up to 99.5% of all particles up to 3.0 µm from the air
  • Separately extra switchable ultraviolet light (UV-C light) for destroying bacteria
  • Maximum flexibility in controlling the moisture delivery thanks to the 3 positions
  • Night mode with the lighting switched off
  • Interchangeable filter with filter change indicator - so constantly clean air
  • Ideal if you suffer from allergies: this air purifier has been assessed by ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research) as very suitable for allergies
  • Optimal air cleaning and air humidification for rooms up to 30 m²