Cado LEAF Portable - Personal Professional Air Purifier (Gold)

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CAuthentic portable air purifier:
Although it has almost the same size as a 500 ml tin, it can easily catch PM2.5. A small, powerful filter is installed. Power supply supports USB cable and car DC adapter. Not only personal spaces around the desk, but also enclosed spaces such as sanitary areas and cars.

captures even the smallest substances:
The air is filtered step by step with a powerful filter with different functions between sucking and cleaning. The size of the filter material is 0.09 μm (*). PM2.5, with a particle size of 2.5 μm or less, cannot naturally pass through the filter and can be reliably captured.

Usb power:
Environments that use USB, such as computers and smartphones, have become commonplace. We use USB power power so you can easily use it in your daily life. Just connect the cable. If it is connected to a USB adapter, it can of course also be connected to an outlet. In addition, there is also a car contact box, so you can use it in a car.


  • mass 0.4kg (including filter, excluding adapter)
  • Body color Gold / black / silver
  • Power supply DC 5V, car DC adapter DC 12V /24V
  • Current consumption 0.2A (weak) /0.3A (average) /0.4A (strong)
  • Driving sound 30 dBA (weak) / 35 dBA (average) / 40 dBA (strong)
  • Air supply towards top
  • Air suction direction Lower circumference
  • Body dimensions (including protrusions) Diameter 66 x Height 180 mm
  • Replacement filter FL-C20: Filter for smell/dust collection/ disinfecting

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