Cado Stem 620 white - Unique and powerful humidifier - 31m2

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The Cado Stem 620 is a Ultrosone humidifier with a powerful humidification capacity of 600 ml /h. A micromist is spread through the room so that the humidity is always good.

  • Powerful humidification capacity up to 600 ml / hour up to 11 hours - continuous use with one water supply (low mode)
  • Antibacterial plates keep the tank clean.
  • Low power consumption for energy savings.
  • LED light indicates humidity.
  • Light sensor automatically controls the lighting.
  • A tank that opens from above is easy to refill.

Optimal height:
The perfect height makes room evenly moistened.  By using a antibacterial plate prevents that spread of fungi and bacteria.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: 327x207x682 mm
  • Weight: 12KG
  • Tank capicity: 3.5l
  • Space: 27m2 (50 HZ) 31 m2 (60HZ0
  • Mode: Dehumidification mode, drying mode, sterilizing and deodorizing mode
  • Power consumption: " Dehumidification mode (high) * 2: 187W (60 Hz), 170W (50 Hz) Drying mode for
  • clothing * 2: 189W (60 Hz), 172W (50 Hz)
  • Sterilizing and deodorizing mode: 38W (60 Hz), 35 W (50 Hz)"
  • Sound: Dehumidification mode (high): 45 dBA, dry mode for clothing: 48 dBA, sterilization mode and deodorization mode: 47 dBA
  • Other: Automatic adjustment of humidity, automatic stop when the tank is full, automatic shutdown after 12 hours of use, automatic thaw ing function.

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