Nedis Humidifier 6 L | Hygrometer | Remote control Black

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Product description:

Stay in control of your environment and automatically create a healthy, consistent atmosphere in your room with this self-adjusting humidifier with plasma function.

This humidifier offers automatic humidity control thanks to the hygrometer that can measure the moisture in the air and adjust its operation accordingly.

An LED screen accurately displays the humidity in the room and can be used to program your optimum settings. With the 12-hour timer control you can set the humidifier to turn off automatically after a certain time.

A ceramic filter is installed in the generous 6-liter water tank to purify the water used to form the cool mist. In addition, the plasma function of the humidifier helps to minimize bacteria in the atmosphere and to remove odors from the room.

You can further improve your environment by applying a few drops of aromatic oil to the felt covering the bottom dish and by using the night light that automatically turns on when it gets dark.

The humidifier automatically stops when the water reservoir is empty or when the reservoir is removed from the base for filling.


  • Keep an eye on the atmosphere - with the LED display of the built-in humidity control hygrometer
  • Set your humidifier automatically for a consistent environment
  • Generous 6-liter reservoir - for continuous use
  • Purify the water - with a ceramic filter
  • Improve your environment - with an automatic night lamp, plasma function and aromatic oils
  • Stops automatically - when the timer is set, the reservoir is empty or the reservoir is removed


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