Soehnle aroma diffuser venezia

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Or the aroma diffuser Venezia gives off a pleasant smell aroma dispenser it through your house. By means of an ultrasonic technique is the sweet smell of essential oil through space spread. You have fun for hours of only few drops of oil. With the aroma diffuser Venezia makes you a final break with unpleasant smells. At the push of button stops you ed the changing of colors. Water tank distinguishing features, content to around 100 ml, works 6 hours on a full tank of gas, 'll switch itself off in the case of empty tank, suitable for all perfume oils Soehnle, lamp has four different colors.

  • Elegant glass design in bullet-shaped with innovative operation by hidden buttons
  • With automatic LED color change color to stop (colour stop)
  • Harmonious lighting effects by matted glassy surface
  • Modern, ultrasonic spray for optimal scent distribution - about 4 hours

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