Soehnle blood pressure monitor systo monitor connect 400

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Save and keep a close eye on data about the functioning of your heart – you can now do that very easily on your smartphone. Immediately after the measurement, Soehnle sends upper arm blood pressure monitor Systo Monitor Connect 400 your current readings via Bluetooth® to the Soehnle Connect app. You can even show them to your GP in chart form. It is important that you can always count on correct measurement results, which is why the convenient integrated motion sensor warns in disruptive arm movements.

After each measurement, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate are indicated on the extra-large illuminated LCD display. At the same time, rhythm recognition alerts you to any arrhythmia. To enable a good assessment of blood pressure, the Systo Monitor Connect 400 indicates the average of the last three measurements. The device has 60 memory places per person for two users. If you measure daily, you can save all values of approximately two months, including date and time. In guest mode, the device can be used by even more people, without your readings being overwritten. With each measurement, your results are classified according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) system on a traffic light colour scale: from optimal or normal to excessive blood pressure. This allows simple and unambiguous assessment of your blood pressure. The comfortable adjustable cuff is suitable for upper arms with a size of 22 to 42 cm. The fit control helps to prevent the cuff from mis-building. With energy-saving automatic switch-off function. Includes batteries, so ready to start.

  • Link to the Soehnle Connect app for the smartphone with easy control and complete control over your data. (System requirements for use of the app: Android™: 6.0 / iOS®: iOS 10 / Bluetooth®: 4.0)
  • Extra-large, illuminated LCD display (6.8 x 10 cm) for very good readability of the readings (above pressure, pressure and heart rate), even in case of less good light
  • Motion sensor warns of disruptive arm movements and ensures correct measurement results
  • Heart rhythm control warns of possible heart rhythm failures
  • Calculation of the average of the three last measurements to assess arterial pressure
  • 60 repositories per person for 2 users allow monitoring of blood pressure over a longer period of time – with guest mode for other users
  • Classification of the measurements according to WHO colour scale (World Health Organisation)
  • Comfortable, adjustable cuff for upper arms with a size of 22 to 42 cm – with fit control
  • Energy-saving automatic switch-off function
  • Includes batteries, so ready to start