SOEHNLE Air washer AirFresh Wash 500 - humidification and air cleaning - 35m2

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Healthy, clean air with a natural humidity level – thanks to one device. The Soehnle Airfresh Wash 500 makes it easier than ever to provide more health and quality of life at home in your own habitat. Its triple filter system with prefilter, EPA filter and activated carbon filter removes animal hairs, particulate matter, dust and dust mites from the air and also makes short measurements with unpleasant airs. With a water-running cleaning drum, very small particles are then removed from the air: a two-step system, which is 30 times more effective than an air washer without an EPA filter. The cleaned air is then evenly distributed throughout the room and moistened using Evaporation Technology. The natural, efficient veromitude technology provides special hygienic humidification – especially without heating the water and without visible water vapor. Compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, 500 less bacteria are released when using the Airfresh Wash – up to 99% less.

On the large, illuminated LCD display you can always read the current humidity in the room. This humidity is measured by an integrated moisture sensor. In automatic mode, the Airfresh Wash 500 monitors the air quality in space and automatically adjusts the humidification intensity, so that humidity remains consistently at the right healthy level. Three positions, stepless setting of the desired humidity up to 80% and a timer with a duration of up to 12 hours ensure that you can set exactly the duration and intensity of air cleaning according to your personal wishes. If the humidity you want is reached or when the water tank is empty, the device automatically switches off. With the large removable water tank of 4.0 litres, air humidification of rooms up to 35 m² is possible. If the filter needs to be replaced, the filter change indicator indicates it. So you can count on constantly clean air. The Soehnle Airfresh Wash 500 with its high-quality filter is ECARF certified (Foundation for Allergy Research).

  • 2-in-1: effective humidification and air cleaning for naturally clean and fresh air
  • Three-layer filter system: prefilter, EPA filter, and activated carbon filter. This filter system removes 85% of all particles up to 0.3 μm from the air
  • Large, illuminated LCD display for clearly readable humidity designation, even if the light is less good
  • Automatic air quality monitoring in space ensures constant optimal humidity
  • Stepless setting of the desired humidity (40%-80%)
  • Maximum flexibility in the moisture delivery control, thanks to the 3 modes
  • Large, removable 4.0 litre water tank ensures convenient long duration
  • Automatically decreases at empty tank and is therefore particularly safe
  • The timer allows you to set the duration up to 12 hours as desired
  • Removable filter with filter change indicator – so you're assured of constantly clean air
  • Easy to keep clean so hygienically in use
  • Ideal for allergy nuisance: rated as highly suited to allergy by ECARF (European Allergy Research Centre)
  • Optimal air cleaning and humidification for rooms up to 35 m²

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