Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier

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Good air humidity promotes your health. With high humidity, fungi and dust mites grow faster and you breathe in these fungi and the excrement of dust mites unnoticed. It can make you sick, or you may experience more respiratory allergies such as metabolic energy. With the Stadler Form Albert air softener, the air in the house is soon healthy again.

Suitable for large spaces

The Stadler Form Albert air humidifier is suitable for larger spaces up to 60 sqm and can humidify up to 20 litres of water per day. The air humidifier is on wheels, so it is very easy to move to another space.

Adjustable humidity

With this air humidifier you can easily set a desired lower humidity from 30 to 80%. If you set a higher humidity level than the current humidity, the humidifier will not work. The device will switch itself off when the humidity level you set has been reached.

Adjustable speed

You can set the fan speed for air evaporation at three stands. The higher the level, the harder the humidifier works. In the low position, the air humidifier is quieter than normal.

With timer

You can set the air humidifier clock. You can set a time when the humidifier should work and a time when the humidifier should stop. The humidifier will then stop daily and start at the set times.

With automatic defrosting

At a temperature below the 13C, the air humidifier will work less well. Therefore, the defrosting program automatically starts at a temperature lower than 16C. Thus, the air humidifier can continue to work well at a lower temperature.

Possibility of permanent drainage

You can connect a hose to this humidifier. Then the water is constantly drained. That saves you from emptying the water tank.

Swing Mode

In swivel mode, the air humidifier rotates, allowing the dry air to be well spread throughout the room. This function is useful for, for example, drying clothes.

Dimmable joint lighting

When the humidifier is on at night, the LED lights can disturb your sleep. To prevent this, you can dim the brightness of these lights at Albert. This way you can sleep undisturbed and enjoy your sleep.

Air humidifying from the Stadler Form Albert Air humidifier

The use of the Stadler Form Albert air humidifier is very simple:

  1. Turn on the humidifier or set the timer.

  2. If necessary, adjust the desired humidity using the hygrostat test.

  3. If necessary, set the fan speed with the'speed'key.

  4. The humidifier automatically switches off at a full tank. or when the desired humidity is reached.


  • For spaces up to 60 m2

  • Tank content 4,6 litres

  • Sound level 33 -43 dB

  • Integrated Hygrostat

  • 24-hour timer

  • Adjustable humidity from 30% to 80%

  • Adjustable speed 3 modes

  • Maximum dehydration capacity 20 litres per day

  • Automatic shutdown

  • Consumption maximum 320 W watt

  • Weight 15,6 kg

  • Color White

  • Swallow

  • Nightmode

  • Automatic defrosting

  • Possibility of permanent drainage

  • Dimmable joint lamps

  • Easy to move with wheels

  • White colour

  • Size HxBxD 35 x 65,5 x 25,2 cm