Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser

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With the Stadler Form Jasmine aromatic disbursement unit deliver a pleasant smell in the house. The Stadler is striking Form Jasmine aromatic disbursement unit designed and will fit in seamlessly with your decor. In order to enjoy your favorite scent you'll be filling the tank with a maximum of 110 milliliters of water. Please add 2 to 3 below drops essential oils matter. The Jasmine thereafter arrange for them to mixed with the water (thanks to the built-in ultrasonic membrane) and the smell to spread.

You can let the Jasmine and interval work on your chosen smell is then every 20 minutes in the space. When the water runs out, the aroma dispenser it out on its own. The aroma is very quiet in use spreader, noise levels, is 26 dB.

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