STYLIES Aquarius Humidifer/Luschtwasser 50M2 black

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Spring: the trees get back leaves, the flowers come out, the bees buzz happily around... Great! Unless of course you suffer from allergies, such as hay fever. Then this period is hellish. And not only outside, even inside, the air carries a lot of pollen and other allergens. The air washer not only removes the allergens and dust from the air, but also moistens the air, so your nose no longer starts to run like this, and your eyes will no longer prick like that... In short, the air washer makes you feel better! In addition, thanks to the built-in hygro state and the digital screen, you have perfect control over the relative humidity level in the home!


  • 12Watts
  • 50 m²/ 125 m³
  • 300 g/u • 4.5 L
  • < 25 dB
  • 39.2x29.5x40.1 cm
  • 5.6 kg

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