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Stylies Atlas - Ultrasoon Humidifier 20 m² / 50 m³

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Pricking eyes, jumped lips, dry skin, quickly tired and lethargic, loss of concentration... do you sound familiar? Probably the relative humidity is far too low. Thanks to the direct spray of water at atomic level in the air, the ultrasonic humidifier restores humidity in no time and all these discomforts disappear like snow for the sun. Also ideal to take on a trip. In hotel rooms, humidity is usually very low. Or if you can go to stay little one...

Unique product benefits:

  • Smallest, portable ultrasonic humidifier worldwide
  • Ultra light and very silent in use
  • AC/DC adapter with removable plug
  • Stepless adjustable steam flow
  • Fold-out support feet
  • Bottle adapter for PET bottle 1 L
  • Car Shut Off at Empty Bottle

Technical details:

  • Mist exhaust with cold mist
  • Stainless steel membrane
  • With cleaning brush
  • Sound: < 25 dB
  • Flow: 90 g/h
  • Power : 10 Watts
  • Opp.: 20 m² / 50 m³