Hera Stylies ultrasonic Warm Mist Humidifier with digital control 65 m2/ 160 M White

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Spicy eyes, chapped lips, dry skin, easily fatigued and listless, impaired concentration. Sounds familiar? The relative humidity is likely far too low. Thanks to the direct pulverisation of water in the air at atomic level brings the ultrasonic humidifier the humidity in no time back on song all these inconveniences and disappear into thin air. The combination of ultrasonic technology with preheating creates a double against bacteria and viruses and prevention for faster irrigation. With his tight, trendy design fits this device in every single design.

Unique product advantages:

  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Cold and hot mist (40-45 ° C)
  • Nebula exhaust swivel 360 °
  • With control buttons: * digital display On / Off warm fog car mode * * * * * let Neve lute humidity night mode
  • Silent force
  • With integrated, manually adjustable hygrostaat (40% - 70%) and continuously
  • Car Shut Off at empty water reservoir
  • Handy reservoir with Lever

Technical details:

  • Power saving
  • With cleaning brush
  • With Anti Lime pattern HAU 2241 (ref. 118022)
  • Supplied with Clean Cube (ref. 118021)
  • 400 g/u flowrate
  • 30 - 110 Watt power
  • Opp. 65 m2/ 160 m
  • 5 L content
  • 19.8x36.9x26.2 cm
  • Color from white


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