Stylies Pegasus/Air Cleaner 50M2/125M3 Black

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Dust, allergens, dirty fragrants ... nothing is more annoying, and it's also unhealthy. Thanks to the Stylies air purifier Pegasus with its filter and active carbon filter, the air is purified from pollen, dust, animal hairs, mites and even fragrants. The air in the house is completely pure again, and you can enjoy fresh air again with full eyes.

  • 8-30 Watt
  • 50 m²/125 m³
  • < 34,5 dB
  • 16 x39, 5x38 cm
  • 3.45 kg

Unique product benefits:

  • Air cleaner
  • Modern and elegant design
  • 3 fans with 5 speeds * powerful: 30 Watt * silent: < 34dB
  • Prefilter and fragrance holder
  • Permanent HPP-High Potenrial Particle Filter Technology (should not be replaced)
  • Affordable active carbon filter
  • Washable main filter (comparable performance with the HEPA filter)
  • Remove the scents, viruses, pollen and bacteria from the air to 99

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