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Stylies Taurus - Warm steam evaporator 70 m²/ 150 m³

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Stuffy nose, heavy breathing, nasty cough, colds,... You'll recognize it. Especially at night or in children this can be very annoying. A hot steam device allows you to apply a mild form of aerosols in the bedroom. Ideal for all respiratory infections and especially for children with false cries. Fill the appliance with water, add some essential oils and turn it on. You quickly get a warm, moist air in the room, and especially for kids it is much more pleasant than aerosols. Thanks to the built-in hygro state, you can choose perfectly how damp the room becomes.

Unique product benefits:

  • Steam evaporator
  • Warm steam technology (no germs, bacteria or minerals)
  • With integrated, manually adjustable hygro state (30% - 100%)
  • Water reservoir : Removable, LED lighting
  • Eco 'LEC' technology (very low energy consumption)
  • Car Shut Off at empty water reservoir
  • Silent operation
  • With perfume reservoir

Technical details:

  • On/Off button
  • 2 operating positions : low—high 
  • Sound: < 39 dB
  • Flow: 500 g/h
  • Power : 480 Watts
  • Opp.: 70 m² / 150 m³
  • Content: 7 L
  • Option: anticalc pattern (ref. 118022)