TEQOYA TeqAir 200 ionisers / air Purifier

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purify your rooms, and offices,

TEQOYA air purifiers recreate the conditions of a negative ionenproductie, which in its purest parts of the earth. These negative ions work as natural cleaning products. TEQOYA air purifiers make eenintense the production of the negative ions is simple, and it is completely safe, certified, ozone, free radicals are set free by an independent laboratory).

As shown in several sudies, it is purified, negative ion-rich air is beneficial to our health.

  • For a room of up to 30 m.2
  • Quiet: 0 db
  • Ultra-low power consumption: 1.5 Watts
  • does Not have any filters to change, and change
  • is Made in France, in
  • a Compact and easy-to-move
  • - Negative ionenproductie: to, 000 per cm-3 at 1m distance, in 1000 billion per second is
  • typical and optics: 12
  • Power supply: 100-250 Volt,
  • Dimensions: 28 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm
  • Weight: 0,5 kg -
  • Colour: blue-grey,
  • the Ozone level in the Ozone-free *
  • Certification: CE, CEM, occupational safety, ozone-free SYSTEM
  • - Warranty: 10 years



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