Venta LW60T 150m2 anthracite 80m2 humidification and air purification by remote control.

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Unique technology for large rooms

The Venta for large volumes LW60T airwasher LW60T provides an absolute premium quality. Thanks to the cold evaporation spaces will not have been exclusively to 150 m2 clean air behind. The air is reliable and quick stripped of pollens, house dust, hair from pets, bacteria and scent. This does not itself manufacture airwasher bacteria and no layer lime down battle. The LW60T also ensures that the excessively high humidity in the temperature. Be as compelling power by the extremely high blinds, a stack of packages it simple detachable water trough, and especially the patented Venta hygiene disk worldwide. It ensures a reliable decarbonation of water by ion exchange and with the particularly manages to convince hygienic use Ouch Ranu let ions switch provided thanks to the silver. Tel it, there are the simple maintenance and longer service life of about three months a disk. As such, this premium airwasher with counter service and maintenance even easier than ever before. The new, interactive touch display, the silent running and low power consumption profile of the complete a convincing LW60T. No more doubt - it is now time into heavy breathing, that is. Enjoy hygiene of an absolute top level!

Venta hygiene disk - virtually no paint needed

You'll have to the LW60T enough not to care maintenance to its innovative Venta hygiene disk. Endowed silver ions Wisse Ling granules this disk contains the benefit of the water softening and hygiene. This ensures that the addition of water softeners or hygiene resources is no longer required. Namely lime down battle prevents the hygiene disk and microbial sediments in the device. The result; practically maintenance-free a hygienic and operation of the machine. What it mean to you? Of the simple for occupying detachable water trough, and changing the hygiene disk (approximately every three months) after you'll have nowhere to care about!



Hygiene at the highest level

  • For bigger spaces airwasher from premium quality
  • Innovative patented hygiene disk worldwide for water softening
  • • Simple detachable water reservoir
  • Very low power consumption
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Maintainability
  • And smartphone with interactive touchscreen control and remote control
  • Humidification / 375 m2 m3 to 150
  • Cleaning in spaces to 80 m2/ 200 m3
  • Dimensions: height 52 cm length, width 30 cm, 61 cm. 13 kg weight
  • Made in Germany


Product specifications

  • Model: LW 60T capacity of wetting went 150m2 Reini went capacity 80m2
  • 2060514 reference MPN
  • Verd barely cold water type humidifier
  • Content 12 litre water tank
  • 19 Watt Power
  • Suitable for space tot150 m2
  • 43 dB level


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