Venta LW60T Humidification 150m² and Air Cleaning 80sq m White with remote control.

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Product Description


The Venta airwasher LW60T for large volumes LW60T offers an absolute premium quality. Thanks to the cold evaporation, only clean air remains in spaces up to 150 m². The air is reliably and quickly stripped of pollen, house dust, pet hair, bacteria and odours. This airwasher does not produce bacteria itself and no calcium precipitation occurs. The LW60T also ensures that too high humidity is prevented in space. Just as convincing are the extremely high power through the large pile of slats, the easily removable water reservoir and especially the globally patented Venta hygiene disk. It ensures a reliable dehardening of the water through ion change and manages to convince by the special hygienic use thanks to the silver-dipped ion changer granules. Add to this the simple maintenance and long duration of use of about three months per disk. This makes this premium airwasher even easier to operate and maintain than ever before. The new interactive touch display, noise-free operation and low energy consumption complete the convincing profile of the LW60T. No more doubt: it's now time to breathe firmly. Enjoy hygiene at an absolute top level!


At the LW60T you don't have to worry enough about maintenance thanks to the innovative Venta hygiene disk. This disk contains silver-doed ion changes granules for the benefit of the water softening and hygiene. This ensures that adding water deerers or hygiene products is no longer necessary. The hygiene disk prevents lime precipitation and microbial deposits in the appliance. The result; hygienic and practicalmaintenance-free operation of the appliance. What does it mean to you? When filling the easy-to-absorb water reservoir and changing the hygiene disk (about every 3 months) you don't have to worry about anything!

Product specifications

  • Model:LW 60T Humidification capacity 150sqm Cleaning capacity 80m²
  • Mpn: 2060514
  • Type of Humidifier: Cold water evaporator
  • Contents water reservoir: 12 litres of contents
  • Power: 19 Watts
  • Suitable for space up to: 150 m²
  • Noise level: 43 dB


About Venta:

With fresh air in the house, you can concentrate better and feel less sleepy. Fortunately, you don't have to sit on the trek anymore when you open the window or the door. Venta's humidification and air purifiers are the solution. These products are unique, simple and efficient. Because of the user-friendliness, they fit within every household. The products are not only easy to install and operate, but are also easy to maintain. The robust devices are sustainably constructed. Not only are almost all parts recyclable, but electricity consumption is also limited as much as possible. For every room there is a Venta to be found. Fresh air is possible in both a small space at home and in a large office at work. With Venta you no longer suffer from dust, pollen and odours in the air. Experience now also within the fine feeling of being able to breathe freely.

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