The Venta LW15 Airwasher air Purifier and Humidifier 2 in 1, White 20m 2

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, The Venta LW15 is a compact-sized air purifier with a very low power consumption of 4 watts of power. The LW15 can be, not only is the air clean, but the air is also moistened. It is ideal for the LW15 is the fact that it's also not a filterkussens used to it, but all of that is filtered through the water. In addition, the Venta is also an optical signal for the water to fill it, and it will automatically turn itself off automatically if there is not enough water in the system. To clean the air filter, the LW15 is also unique. In the engine compartment and the blower fan with handle to remove, which makes it very easy to clean.

About the Venta

With a breath of fresh air in your home, you can concentrate better and you feel less sleepy. Fortunately, you will no longer be on the tour when you get to the window or the door is open. In the air, and luchtzuiveringsapparaten Venta are the perfect solution. These products are unique, simple, and efficient. Due to its user-friendliness, adapting them in each and every household. The company's products are not only easy to install, easy to use, but they are also very easy to care for. These robust units are of durable construction. Not only are almost all of the parts are recyclable and it is also the power consumption as much as possible. For each area, there is a so-called Venta to find out. In a small room at home as in a large office at work is a breath of fresh air. With the Venta you will have no more problems with dust, pollen and odors in the air. Experience the great feeling of freedom to be able to breathe.


  • a Double function: humidification and cleaning
  • also Makes the air free of dust and dirt, e.g. dust, pollen, and odours,
  • a Compact and economical; ideal for small spaces it
  • is Not filterkussens will need: water filter,
  • ultra-low power consumption, less than 10w
  • is Suitable for all waterhardheden
  • Automatic switch-off when lack of water
  • 7015514 white
  • 7015414 brilliant
  • Air of up to 20 m2 / 50 m3 of
  • Cleaning for areas up to 10 m2 and 25 m3 -
  • Dimensions: - Height 31 cm Width 26 cm, Height 28 cm, Weight 3 kg
  • , Made in Germany.

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