VENTA LW25 AIRWASHER white/gray 40M2

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OPTIMAL AIR HUMIDIFICATION AND AIR CLEANING The airwasher performs two functions: It hydrates dry air and cleans it simultaneously. Poor chamber air is fed into appliance, led by a pile of slats, which rotates in the water. So the air is now literally washed. Even the smallest particles are bound in the water. At the same time, water from the lamel surfaces evaporates, due to the best recognized method of cold evaporation.



  • Dual function: humidification and cleaning
  • Clears the air from dirt: eg. dust, pollen and odours
  • Compact and economical; ideal for small spaces
  • No filter cushions needed: The water is the filter
  • Extremely low power consumption, less than 10 watts
  • Suitable for all water hardens
  • Automatic elimination in too little water
  • Humidification up to 40 m² / 100 m³
  • Cleaning for rooms up to 20 m² / 50 m³
  • Dimensions: Height 33 cm, Width 30 cm, Length 30 cm, Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Made in Germany


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